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This is the Universal Network Portal.
If you are using a fourth generation or older Neural Interface Port, you may experience a slight period of disorientation when switching between sections. The UNP is optimised for sixth generation equipment and Pan Systems Inc. is not responsible for any injury or permanent damage incurred by those utilising unsupported interfaces.

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These provide a brief overview of the most searched for topics across the Oblique Trilogy. For a more detailed search, please perform a broad Portal Search.*

Major and Minor Star Systems within the Oblique Trilogy

Races of the Oblique Trilogy and nearby sectors

Political Bodies of the Oblique Trilogy

Starship Manufacturers within the Oblique Trilogy

Starships in common use within the Oblique Trilogy

*For broad Portal Search, please use an auxiliary display terminal. Pan Systems Inc. strongly advises you not attempt a broad Search utilising a Neural Interface Port.

Main Page

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