Starships in common use within the Oblique Trilogy

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Titan Spaceworks Protostar

Massive Bulk Hauler class vessel. These are the largest vessels produced by any shipyard to date. Their massive size and lumbering pace makes them entirely impractical as a military vessel of any kind, but their value to industrial concerns more than makes up for this. Only three of these ships have been commissioned, but they are expected to pay for themselves well within their first decade of operation. Their predicted lifespan will certainly exceed thirty standard years, making them a solid investment despite their limitations and initial outlay.

Invictus Shipyards Vigilant Class

Heavy Cruiser class military vessel. The standard variant for this ship supports a modest picket force of fighter craft and a strong complement of midrange weapons. Recent efforts by Invictus have greatly improved the command and control function of these ships and several have been refitted and assigned as flagships to the small Sector Ranger forces, providing them with much cleaner communications as well as a substantial weapons platform.

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Starships in common use within the Oblique Trilogy

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