Political Bodies of the Oblique Trilogy

Political groupings within the Trilogy

Pan Systems Commonwealth

Collection of human worlds within the Trilogy, extending from an augmented gate to other sectors. Local (single system) governance is encouraged to follow basic laws in force across the Pan Systems dealing with justice and basic rights which are extended to cover visitors and non-humans. Somewhat superior attitude to non-human life in spite of having to negotiate peace in recent conflict with the Canidae and an ongoing threat from The Kshht. Most humans within the Oblique Trilogy hail from a Pan Systems world or station.

Prime Sanctum Collective

Small group of isolated worlds entirely dominated by humans. Originally formed during the early years of expansion from independent minded Pan Systems colonists who determined they preferred self rule to control by the Pan Systems. It has now grown into a somewhat xenophobic collective of rulebound zealots, fortunately lacking in sufficient numbers to present a great threat to other races and political groups. The few worlds of the Sanctum are industrially productive but very hidebound, operating on a rigid caste system which allows for little self promotion or advancement. Most Sanctum born humans encountered outside their space are refugees attempting to flee the harsh control exerted by a group who began as the most liberal and free spirited human explorers to enter the sector.

The Library Worlds

Group of worlds drawing from several races as accumulators of knowledge. Petition may be made to the Library Worlds for information on the vast majority of topics imaginable.

The Sirius Cluster

(Vulgar – The Dog Stars)
The cluster is not actually related to the star Sirius, but so named for the extraterrestrial Canid-form sapients who make the star group their home territory. Since encountering them, attempts have been made in both directions to alter the constituent stars of the cluster – Pan Systems forces have attempted to clear and settle worlds claimed by the Canidae (human appelation) while occasional forays have been made by the Canidae themselves to colonise worlds beyond their borders. The most recent foray grew to full scale military conflict (the Second Canid Incursion), and culminated with the Sirius Treaty, granting the Canidae the opportunity to settle alongside humans on two of the contested worlds. This was hailed in some camps as weak willed compromise politics while others agreed with its stated aim of fostering communication and understanding between the two groups.
To date, there has been only limited contact between the settled groups limited mainly to confirmations of neutrality and the maintaining of political channels.

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Political Bodies of the Oblique Trilogy

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