Races of the Oblique Trilogy and nearby sectors


Canine-like race occupying The Sirius Cluster. Heirarchical tribal structure in which decisions and opinions feed up and down through several tiers of council. Highly territorial and resistant towards inclusion in the Pan Systems Commonwealth.

The Kshht

Vaguely insectoid race, highly expansionist, coralled by aggressive patrols from all neighbours including cooperative actions when swarm-ships appear to be gathering near a mutual border. Individual cities work through a loose hive mind with genetically determined castes and it is believed some level of pre-programmed skill set which defines sub-castes. Fleets operate on a similar principle, allowing for highly coordinated actions. Some individuals are apparently able to operate outside this collective and some have been encountered as scouts operating small vessels systems away from the nearest Kshht swarm-ship or host-planet.

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Races of the Oblique Trilogy and nearby sectors

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