Starship Manufacturers within the Oblique Trilogy

Coreward Starships

Most famous for their range of exotic transport vessels, Coreward has done well in exploiting the niches available in space exploration. While other companies produce bigger bulk haulers (the largest and most famous being the Titan Spaceworks Protostar) Coreward has fully invested in exotic atmosphere storage and adjusted pressure environments which allows for the extraction and processing of a wide range of otherwise untransportable resources.

Titan Spaceworks

TS have embraced a single motto: Bigger is always Better. Their current range of production vessels falls entirely within the bulk hauler classification, with the exception of the Protostar. This particular behemoth has actually been placed within its own category which it fills alone thus far; the Massive Bulk Hauler.

Kingdom Fleet Shipyards

Originally part of an independent system within the Trilogy, the Kingdom Yards now produce a range of military and military grade escort and fighter class vessels. While few of their designs boast any particular advances above their competitors, they are all built with exacting attention to detail. Their boast since joining the Pan Systems Commonwealth is ‘A ship to win a Kingdom’ and the record of Kingdom built ships in the Pan Systems Fleet has proven sterling.

Invictus Shipyards

Almost entirely a military concern, Invictus produces several of the more common ships of the line such as the flagship of the Seventh Ranger Detachment of the Pan Systems Fleet; A Vigilant Class Heavy Cruiser named Danae.

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Starship Manufacturers within the Oblique Trilogy

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